Fabrizio’s Frozquillos – Ice Cream With A Twist

Hello one and all! I’m in good spirits this fine Wednesday morning because parking was a breeze this morning (and that’s pretty rare for BGC) and I got in the mood to tell you about this happy little stall I found in SM Megamall.

I’m rarely in Pasig, or anywhere north of Makati for that matter. When I do get the chance to go there, it’s usually because I need to go to SM Megamall for one reason or another. And because it’s almost a road trip for me, I tend to stay there than I usually would and need to nom multiple times through the course of the day. This is primarily the reason for me getting to try the many food stalls in this mall more than any other mall.

Fabrizio's Frozquillos

Although I would usually do my business there and pace my meals throughout the day,  Fabrizio’s decidedly Italian decor in a tiny little stall right by the escalator made me stop, look, and eventually get one right as I got inside the mall. What is it, you ask? Take your typical barquillos, fill it up with chocolate soft serve ice cream using a special long and thin nozzle, sprinkle with happy candy sprinkles, and enjoy. It’s  nicely served in hygenic plastic, which is also great for unavoidable melted ice cream spills.

Fabrizio's Frozquillos

While the ice cream itself is not much different from the many five to ten peso soft serve ice creams (by that, I mean a bit bland and watery), the novelty of eating (slurping?) ice cream from a crunchy barquillos “cone” was more than enough to make the experience worthwile. And it can be got for just 20 bucks, which is a good price specially if you count in that barquillos sticks are even sold on the streets at roughtly 200 bucks per 10 piece pack.



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