International Bacon Film Festival: Glorifying Bacon to a Whole New Level

Move over, cute kitty and puppy videos, it’s the time for bacon’s star to shine even brighter.

The first ever International Bacon Film Festival was held last October 17 in the celebrated city of New York. Sponsored by Hormel Black Label Bacon (of course!), the festival features 11 shortlisted films from a total of 132 submissions, highlighting the beauty that is bacon.

Michael Cameneti’s “Portrait of a Bacon Enthusiast” was hailed as this year’s best video, winning the grand prize of US$11,000 (and rumor has it, also a year’s supply of the cured meat).

Here’s the delectable clip of this year’s International Bacon Film Festival’s best porky video:

I’m not complaining but who’d have thought we’d come to a day when the world would make movies revolving around cured pork belly? We have truly evolved as a people. To satiate your visual cravings for bacon, watch other delicious entries here.

Source/s: Yes, There Is an ‘International Bacon Film Festival’


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