J.Co’s Coffee and Donut Combo

J.Co is known for their donuts- those fluffy rings of fried dough in various flavors is what people patiently line up for. We here at BaconTunaMelt are suckers for their not-too-sweet-gloriously-cottony donuts, our favorite being everyone’s favorite, the Al Capone. What some people don’t know is that J.Co also doubles as a coffee shop, with more than a few caffeine based drinks in the menu to go with their sweets. And the coffee is pretty darned great, who’d have thought?

A perfect pair. (I mean the coffee and donut, not the two donuts.)

Their drinks take a backseat to their more famous donuts, but I’d even go so far as to say that their coffee is one of the better ones that are readily available (it’s not the free donut that makes me say this). The house blend is strong, smooth, and aromatic, while the espresso based drinks are nicely blended and perfectly comforting. It’s good enough to rival that of famous coffee shops, and is priced similarly too (they should start giving out planners), but the bonus is that J.Co gives you a free glazed donut to go with your coffee. What other coffee shop does that? Thumbs up J.Co!

Here’s the link to our post on J.Co donuts last year- What’s the fuss about J.Co Donuts?


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