More Than Just a Bag of Beans

Bag of Beans in Tagaytay is known far and wide for their coffee- the house blend, the wide selection of local beans, and the sale of the rare Alamid coffee (aka cat poop coffee). Because they have stayed put in Tagaytay all this time, many traverse the roughly two hour drive from the metro to partake of their wonderful all day breakfast meals and of course, their coffee.

Tagaytay's Bag of Beans: More than just cat poop.

But more than just bacon and coffee, Bag of Beans also triple as a bakeshop. They’ve got pies, biscuits, breads, loaves- all baked fresh daily. They even have homemade peanut butter and other various spreads. With all the variety to choose from and the quality of their goods, it’s no wonder why Bag of Beans is one of the favorite tourist destination spots in the country’s second summer capital.

Tagaytay's Bag of Beans: Coffee, bacon, and more!



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