Eat Me! Pretty Noms Means Yummy Noms

Flavor isn’t only the sole factor in determining the greatness of a dish. More than just the taste, presentation has become a major factor in the total yumminess of noms. Food that tastes good but looks like vomit just won’t pass the critical nommers test. This has been the way of the world for years. Nowadays, the public standards for “good food” are even more rigid. More than tasting good and looking good, a plated dish has to be photogenic too.

Pretty = yummy.

The advent of mobile technology brought about microblogging which lets you share your life with the rest of the world in real time. New parents share their baby’s first step/blink/word/spit, fashion fiends share their OOTD/OOTN/shoes/hair/makeup, and the rest of us share our food- we’ve got boatloads of pictures of our breakfast, lunch, dinner, or random snacks. Since everyone needs to eat, food is definitely one of the most shared photographs in the online world today.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a good eye for composition and unappetizing food pictures are aplenty. One example would be Martha Stewart’s controversial food pictures on Instagram. Her self-taken food pictures has grossed out many of her followers enough for it to create an online buzz recently. Since Martha Stewart is practically a household name in the world of foodums, people expect her to churn out better than average pictures on the popular photo sharing site. But she doesn’t.

You be the judge.

She’s one of us. She takes grainy pictures of carefully plated food (that makes the rest want to never eat again) and claims it was the best dish ever. Judging from the pictures alone makes one wonder if she’s lying through her teeth or is just a really bad photographer.

Unfortunately, pictures like Ms. Stewart’s could be bad advertising for the food industry. Instead of enticing the audience to go and get their product, bad photos could make them want to stay as far away as they can. But what can you do? You can’t stop people from taking bad pictures of their own food.

I need this in my tummy right now.

The best that food entrepreneurs can do is to ensure that their food is photogenic from any angle the average phone photographer can take. Although it’s not foolproof, it will at least make sure that majority of photos of their food available online are good enough. For everyone else, just try to make your food look pretty. Here are a few nice guides I like that you may find useful as well:

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  4. 11 Great Camera Angles for Food Photography
  5. Photograph Food Without a Fancy Camera

This brings me back to needing to take better noms pictures for BaconTunaMelt. This should be my new year’s resolution. For 2014, I am resolving to give you guys yummier food pics. May I hold true to this resolution. Happy holidays everyone!

*all pictures were ganked from the articles/sites linked above.

Stress Free Christmas Shopping? Lazada is the answer!

Have you started with your Christmas shopping yet? If not, you better get a move on. Christmas shopping usually means having to elbow your way through an eager rabid crowd with hordes of little children wailing for one reason or another, irate shoppers venting out their frustrations at meek salesladies, and long queues where the lady in front of you seems to have a shopping army that keeps piling things into her already full shopping cart. I’m not a fan but then again, who is?

This is one of the reasons why this year, majority of the Christmas gifts I’m getting was/will be bought online. Online stores are no longer third-stringers in the field of shopping. They have established themselves as an excellent source for hard to find stuff with a quick and reliable service. You can browse for items leisurely and canvas for the best prices and at your own pace.

Lazada PH is easily one of my favorite online stores. Unlike groupon sites or bidding sites, where you have to be in contact with the original individual  merchants to claim the item you bought, Lazada works more like Amazon. They handle the orders, packing of the items, and delivery of of the packages.

I recently discovered Lazada’s mobile app, which makes viewing on tablet or phone so much easier. Because it’s easier to navigate than a mobile browser, I’ve been browsing for possible gift ideas on the app in the middle of traffic making use of my free time effectively. My last purchase from Lazada (a gift, so I’m keeping it secret for now) took all of 10 minutes to order and pay for. Two days later, the huge package arrived at my doorstep and I got to tick off an item on my Christmas list with no fuss!

The Lazada mobile app layout is simple and easy to navigate making it a joy to use.

Because my first try was super stress free, I quickly dived back into the thick of things. They have so many items to choose from including furniture and home appliances that it’s awfully tempting to keep shopping. I’m regularly browsing through various household-y items to fill up my future home. Actually, I’ve been eyeing several items for a while and I really have to exercise whatever self control I have to put it off until after Christmas.

Check out the Lazada website if you’re on a desktop or download the Lazada mobile apps for both Android or iOS and try not to splurge so much!

*The first image was ganked from this site.