Stress Free Christmas Shopping? Lazada is the answer!

Have you started with your Christmas shopping yet? If not, you better get a move on. Christmas shopping usually means having to elbow your way through an eager rabid crowd with hordes of little children wailing for one reason or another, irate shoppers venting out their frustrations at meek salesladies, and long queues where the lady in front of you seems to have a shopping army that keeps piling things into her already full shopping cart. I’m not a fan but then again, who is?

This is one of the reasons why this year, majority of the Christmas gifts I’m getting was/will be bought online. Online stores are no longer third-stringers in the field of shopping. They have established themselves as an excellent source for hard to find stuff with a quick and reliable service. You can browse for items leisurely and canvas for the best prices and at your own pace.

Lazada PH is easily one of my favorite online stores. Unlike groupon sites or bidding sites, where you have to be in contact with the original individual  merchants to claim the item you bought, Lazada works more like Amazon. They handle the orders, packing of the items, and delivery of of the packages.

I recently discovered Lazada’s mobile app, which makes viewing on tablet or phone so much easier. Because it’s easier to navigate than a mobile browser, I’ve been browsing for possible gift ideas on the app in the middle of traffic making use of my free time effectively. My last purchase from Lazada (a gift, so I’m keeping it secret for now) took all of 10 minutes to order and pay for. Two days later, the huge package arrived at my doorstep and I got to tick off an item on my Christmas list with no fuss!

The Lazada mobile app layout is simple and easy to navigate making it a joy to use.

Because my first try was super stress free, I quickly dived back into the thick of things. They have so many items to choose from including furniture and home appliances that it’s awfully tempting to keep shopping. I’m regularly browsing through various household-y items to fill up my future home. Actually, I’ve been eyeing several items for a while and I really have to exercise whatever self control I have to put it off until after Christmas.

Check out the Lazada website if you’re on a desktop or download the Lazada mobile apps for both Android or iOS and try not to splurge so much!

*The first image was ganked from this site.

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