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Happy new year everyone! I’m not too late for the Chinese one yet, right? Anyway, before we get on to news of tikoy and mooncake aplenty in this upcoming year of the horse, I would like to tell you about this little, little cafe in far away Mandaluyong (anywhere further than 5km from my location is considered the opposite of near). It’s called Tipsy Beans. By the name alone, you know this’ll be fun. ^_~

The cafe is located in a nice little sort of complex with a spacious parking area in front, for those bringing cars. The floor area is tiny, but what they lack in dining space, they make up for adorable interior design. In one corner are pinned up pictures of the lovely owners and their friends and a Manila paper poster where you can write or draw whatever you want (hopefully not a penis).

Tipsy Beans: A tiny little cafe tucked all the way in Mandaluyong City.

Before going to the place, I looked them up a bit to see what their bestsellers were and almost unanimously, the Internet told me to order their Sisig Triangles. I was expecting something like samosas and boy, being a fan of anything sisig, the thought of fried sisig bites had my mouth watering for a good few minutes. I was partly right. For the uninitiated, sisig is a Filipino pulutan made with pork jowls, onions, garlic, vinegar and lemon juice (what, really?), thanks to the formal definition by Kawaling Pinoy. Tipsy Beans’ Sisig Triangles are delicious sandwiches filled with a healthy amount of glorious, glorious sisig.

Look at all the lovely. Sisig Triangles (p75); Carbonara (p118)

Besides the snack type Sisig Triangles, they’ve also got other heavier fare. Two of them stood out from those we tried. One is the Creamy Carbonara, Tipsy Beans’ version of this classic pasta is rich and creamy like the name suggests and is heartily laden with bits of bacon <3. It’s served with a nicely buttered and herbed toasted slice of bread too, which should help keep your tummies fully carbed and loaded. The second hit of the night is the Pulled Pork BBQ sandwich. Now pulled pork sandwiches are aplenty these days, Tipsy Beans’ version packs a generous amount of the succulent and melt-in-your-mouth meat in between a pair of perfectly toasted wheat bread.

Lookit the circuit breaker dressed as a robot! Pulled Pork BBQ (p95)

Tipsy Beans noms are pretty good, but it’s the drinks that won me over. This one particular drink called Shark Infested Lemonade had me at “Shark”. I have 5 good reasons for falling in love with this drink. 1- it has a funny-cute name, which is always a good thing in my book, 2- it comes in a cute color, blue green for a drink is absolutely adorable, 3- it’s super refreshing, 4- it has a gummy shark in it, only a Scrooge wouldn’t like that, and 5- it has alcohol in it (yea, baby!), Blue Curacao to be specific. It’s still more lemonade than cocktail so you need not worry about getting too tipsy, it has but a splash of liquor in it (I had 2 and was only a teensy bit buzzed after). They also have Irish Coffee, Mexican Coffee, and even Tipsy Frappuccino. Yes, they both have alcohol! ^_~s

Shark Infested Lemonade (p55) <3

The good

  • Adorable cute interior design.
  • Alcoholic Interesting drinks.
  • Affordable prices.

The bad

  • Not a lot of main meals available (I know they’re a cafe, but it’s just something I would have liked).

The bacon

4 bacons! Oh hey, they are pretty well covered online. They’ve got FacebookGoogle+,FourSquareZomato and Looloo reviews (and now, a BaconTunaMelt one). I guess everyone should have heard about them by now. If you don’t yet, it’s high time that you drop by and get tipsy from beans (or my favorite Shark Infested Lemonade) at Tipsy Beans.

Tipsy Beans

Address: 50 Domingo M. Guevara, Highway Hills, Mandaluyong
Contact no/s: 621-6330
Social Media:

*Incidentally, I recently heard of a restaurant called Tipsy Pig. In my head are fantasies of bacon infused with vodka. HELLO!


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