Yes, They Gots Bacon In Heaven

As someone who visited that magical place last week, I know this to be true- there is, in fact, bacon in Heaven. Yuh-huh, you better believe it.

I’m not talking about the heaven with all the clouds and harps where good people supposedly head to when they pass away. There’s probably no bacon there, I dunno. I’m talking about a place called Heaven that can be found right here on earth, particularly in the Fort Strip in BGC.

Can’t wait to go to Heaven!

This little barbecue joint is tucked away in a little corner in the Fort Strip, making it somewhat easy to overlook if you’re coming from the parking lot. I only found out about them because Bim of GeekOut, my forever date <3, is a magical finder of bacon places.

This particular bacon place is popular for their Maple Cured Bacon & Egg with Garlic Rice. Unlike other countries, bacon isn’t exactly a breakfast staple in the Philippines (we love our tocino/tapa). Finding a place that serves good old thinly sliced pork belly cured in honey and fried to crispy sin isn’t as common as I’d like. I’m glad that Heaven is one of those places.

Heaven’s Bacon: Maple Cured Bacon and Egg with Garlic Rice (p155)

Look at that drool-worthy plate. At Heaven, you can get this plate of beautiful for just one hundred fifty five bucks! The bacon strips are thick yet crispy, the egg is perfectly cooked, and the garlic rice reminds me of childhood (it’s the Star margarine, I bet).

The good

  • Hello? Bacon!
  • Hello? Affordacheapo!*
  • Hello? Five minutes from where I work!

The bad

  • No airconditioned dining area.

The bacon

Heaven is one of those places that combines three of my favorite things in one. First of all, they serve bacon. Second of all, said bacon is affordable (as are other noms). Third of all, they’re but a stone’s throw away from where I usually am (bacon anytime, all the time!). I feel like I hit the jackpot with this one. Therefore, I give them all the bacon!!! 5 out of 5 bacons!

Heaven’s Barbecue
Address: 7th Ave 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Contact details: (+632) 986-0143
Others: Official Heaven’s BBQ Website

*affordacheapo (adj.) – something a cheapass like me can afford

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