Hai Chix & Steaks Over At Jazz Mall

On the ground floor of Jazz Residences is a grocery, a small cluster of stores, and a number of restaurants all collectively called Jazz Mall. Although the mall is part of Jazz Residences, it’s not exclusive to residents of the building (just awesomely convenient for them). The grocery, various stores, and restaurants are happily open for all.

One of the restaurants in the mall is this glossy little place called Hai Chix & Steaks. Technically, the restaurant is not in the mall. Instead, Hai Chix & Steaks is located in one corner of the building and can be accessed from outside. From the name alone, derived from both American and Asian classics (and not chicken on drugs), you’d be right to guess that their noms are a mix of specialties from both cultures.

Hainanese Chicken

Hainanese Chicken Rice (p245)

One such specialty, which the restaurant is partially named after, is the Hainanese Chicken Rice. This classic Asian dish boasts of flavorful chicken that is mild and tasty at the same time (dontaskmehowbutitis) and is eaten together with a steaming cup of just-as-tasty rice. Hai Chix & Steaks version did not disappoint.

Their melt-in-your mouth Hainanese chicken comes with a cupful of (super delicious) Hainanese rice and three sauces- sweet, ginger, and hell.  The red sauce is crazy-lava-hot spiceh, as you may have already deduced. These are all served in a very rustic solid slab of wood which seems to be the trend in many restaurants these days.

Citrus Honey Garlic Pork

Citrus Honey Garlic Pork (p225)

I got the Citrus Honey Garlic Pork which has a healthy portion of fried pork drizzled with a sweet and mildly tangy sauce and a cupful of their Hainanese rice. The meal is actually pretty good, but I got tired of the sweet sauce halfway through the meal. In hindsight, it would have been more enjoyable if the sauce was served on the side. What actually kept me nomming was the rice. The cup of (super delicious) Hainanese rice was so tasty that I could’ve eaten it all on its own (heh, I actually did).

Other noms

BBQ Baby Back Ribs (p400/half rack)

Hot Chix & Steaks’ BBQ Baby Back Ribs is a half slab of soft ribs slathered in barbecue sauce and served with a bowl of fries and a side of shredded corn. It’s a bit pricey at 400 bucks per order, imo. You can get as much for less from other restaurants without compromising the taste.

Pinkerton Red Velvet Ice Cream (p120)

They also have a nice selection of desserts, particularly homemade ice cream made by Pinkerton (whattacutename) and we tried the Red Velvet one. It was meh.

The good

  • Ultra delicious Hainanese rice!
  • Classy ambiance without being overpriced.

The bad

  • Not the most convenient place to get to (unless you live in Jazz Residences).

The bacon

3 out of 5 bacons! Hai Chix & Steaks is a little out of the way (for me at least) but is an excellent resto option for when you’re not in the mood for crowded, rowdy dining. They’ve got fabulous rice, okay nomz and not-bad prices.

Hai Chix & Steaks

Address: Jazz Mall, Jupiter cor. N. Garcia St., Makati
Contact details: (+632) 986-0143
Others: Hai Chix & Steaks Facebook page



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