Nueve Cafe’s Extra Super Jumbo Croc in a Bun

Lately, I’ve been frequenting home depots to get factory deals on home improvement materials and various home stuff. One of those I recently visited is Wilcon Builders in Makati and inside the depot is where I found a little corner eatery called Nueve Cafe. I’ve made the rounds in different warehouses in Makati, Alabang, and Taguig and from those I visited, none of them had anything as classy as Nueve. As soon as my home depot shopping list was done, the hungry boyfriend/bag carrier and I made a beeline for the pastel themed cafe to see what nomz they had to offer.

The cute pastel themed decor of Nueve Cafe

Judging by the look Nueve Cafe went for (pastels made of cute), I was already expecting to see ridiculously-priced coffee and cupcakes pastries on the menu. I was nearly ready to ignore my hunger pangs and head to the nearest fast food or convenience store to get something to tide myself over until dinnertime. Looking over their menu, I saw that they had pastas, sandwiches, pastries, and coffee at fairly decent prices. The menu looked alright but what made me decide to stay and have a quick snack is their crocodile menu.

It is said that crocodile meat is healthier than other meats because they are generally leaner. While that’s good to know, it’s hardly useful because for a country that has crocodile farms, the meat isn’t exactly easily acquired in the city. It’s still pretty rare to find places that serves crocodile these days. The only ones I know that do serve this wild meat are Riverwalk Grill in Crocodile Park, Davao and for a limited time, at Krazy Garlik in Greenbelt 3.

Extra Super Jumbo Dundee Hungarian Croc in a Bun (p170)

Nueve Cafe has a bunch of crocodile dishes on their menu including the Croc Wali (no idea what this is), Croc Tapa, Croc Sisig, Dundee Burger, Croc Arrabiata, and Croc in a Bun that go for a fair 100-200 bucks. I decided to go for the Croc in a Bun. It’s basically a hotdog sandwich, but with crocodile sausage in it. You can choose between Dundee Australian Cheese or Dundee Hungarian (spicy) as your sausage and whether to get the Jumbo and Extra Super Jumbo for a mere forty peso difference. Obvs, the glutton in me got the bigger one (in my defense, I gave Bim half of it).

The Extra Super Jumbo Dundee Hungarian Croc in a bun was a huge sonuvabitch. The meal came with a side of potato chips and the sausage was garnished generously with fresh vegetables and mayonnaise. The sausage itself was juicy, plump, and was packed full of crocodile meat and flavor. It would honestly have been impossible for me to finish it in just one sitting.

Besides the cooked stuff, they also have a freezer full of for-sale frozen processed crocodile meat in full display. Imagine that, you can buy a pack of Dundee Hungarian and hold a crocodile sausagefest for your buddies, like a TNL!

There’s your crocodile meat!

The good

  • Crocodile sausages are tasty and filling, and comes in a variety of flavors (and even sizes!).
  • Easily accessible cooked and uncooked crocodile meat in the city. And inside a home depot!
  • Cute ambiance helps you ignore that you’re surrounded by piles of tiles, toilet bowls, shower heads, and various raw materials.

The bad

  • The only server was on the phone for the entire time we spent there, affecting her work (she did give us the incorrect order and change).
  • You’re surrounded by home improvement stuff and the flurry of sales activities as you eat.
  • Cute pastel ambiance isn’t the kind of place you’d think would serve wild meat.

The bacon

4 out of 5 bacons! For a cafe inside a home depot, Nueve Cafe does a fine job of changing the feel from warehouse to a cute little cafe in their tiny little corner of the store. They are probably the only place you’d find serving crocodile meat, both cooked and frozen (for takeout), that’s easily accessible within the city. The food is pretty nice, they have various pastas, sandwiches, and pastries, and the crododile sausages in particular are good, packed with meat and flavor and are available in several varieties.

Nueve Cafe

(inside Wilcon Builders Depot)
2212 Pasong Tamo, Makati City


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  1. Wow, didn’t know there’s actually a cafe inside wilcon? Interesting 🙂 btw, croc wali may be crododile kawali (like lechon kawali). We had ‘crocowali’ in ugong rock restau puerto princesa (palawan) …and yes they advertised it too as a healthy alternative for pork. It aphrodisiac din daw.. Hehee.


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