Mad Mark’s Man Sandwich + Frozen D

You’ve probably been to Mad Mark’s already. Most of you have probably tried their Half-Baked Madagascar at one point or another but did you know that they have an alternate name? They’re usually called Mad Mark’s Creamery and Good Eats but what some are not aware of, this little diner is also called Mad Mark’s Man Sandwich + Frozen D. I’m not new to Mad Mark’s (their ice cream is to die for) but I didn’t know about their more.. playful name until fairly recently.

One thing I also didn’t know about Mad Mark’s is that besides Man Sandwiches and Frozen Ds, they also serve full meals, including good old steak. How.. manly. We had dinner at their newest branch in Glorietta 5 and tried their cheapo steak and other nomz.

Mad Mark’s Herb Parmesan Fries (p160)

We started with their Herb Parmesan Fries- a basket of fries doused in herb-y sauce and sprinkled with grated parmesan cheese. One order is big enough for sharing, unless you have a particular fondness for soggy potato sticks and/or are selfish. The drizzled sauce made the fries all soggy and limp within a few minutes of serving, not exactly very.. manly. The best kind of fries for me are the scalding hot and crispy ones, imo.

While the fries are not my favorite, it’s not a showstopper. We’ll reserve judgment for the main event- Mad Mark’s Grill Works. Mad Mark’s offers custom entrees- you choose your meat, sauce, and sides to make up a hefty personalized meal. You get to pick from Signature Steak (Healthy – 150g/Regular – 200g/Feast – 300g), Creole Grilled Chicken, or St. Louis Prime Grilled Ribs (Regular/Feast/Extra Feast) as your meat. Then you pick the sauce to go with it- Bootstrap Steak Sauce, Cream Mushroom Sauce, Ragin’ Cajun, Roasted Nut, or Johnie Double Black.

Protip: Ask them to serve the sauce on the side, so if you end up not liking it, you can just opt to not use it.

Mad Mark’s Creole Grilled Chicken with Tenn Slaw and Garden Grains (p195)

And then you pick the side dishes to go with your meat. The hot sides options include Smashed Potato, Plain Rice, Garden Grains (my favorite fried rice), and Grilled Corn Cob. The cold options are House Salad, Bacon Potato Salad, and Tenn-slaw. You can choose any two from these. I personally like Healthy Signature Steak with either the Garden Grains and House Salad or the Grilled Corn Cob and Tenn-slaw combo. 150g of beef is more than enough to tide me over, and I have a healthier appetite than most.

By default, the steak is cooked to medium but you can specify how cooked you want your meat to be. On most steaks, I normally prefer medium doneness but Mad Mark’s beef is a little tougher than ideal and I recommend having it cooked to medium well instead. The cut is about an inch thick and is well seasoned. Good enough to satisfy your steak cravings for cheap!

Mad Mark’s Healthy Signature Steak with Smashed Potato and Grilled Corn Cob (p225)

For dessert, Mad Mark’s homemade ice cream leaves no room for criticizing. My all-time favorite is the Half-Baked Madagascar, which is in that list of noms I can eat forever. It is a stellar piece of work. And although “man sandwich” seems a tad chauvinist, it sounds like something I’d want to try (and conquer) next time. Is there a sandwich deemed fit for a man that a woman can’t take? I believe not.

Photo credits go to The Pickiest Eater

This “man sandwich” looks fantabulous. I’m definitely getting this next time!

The good

  • Affordable steaks.
  • Large-ish servings.
  • Amazing ice cream flavors.

The bad

  • Stringy beef, but not completely bad considering the price.
  • They run out of Half-Baked Madagascar regularly.

The bacon

3.5 out of 5 bacons! Thanks to Mad Mark’s, there are affordable steaks within the confines of the city. The beef isn’t all that great but it’s passable, and in all fairness, excusable. It could be better but for “budget steak”, it’s not all that bad. Their delectable Half-Baked Madagascar more than makes up for their beef and should be available by the gallon.

Mad Mark’s Man Sandwich and Frozen D

2/F Glorietta 5, Office Drive
Ayala Center, Makati City

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