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Be the Mother of Dragons with The Wines of Westeros

Calling all Game of Thrones geeks and wine connosieurs! You can now extend your geekery to noms, wine in particular. Next year, Common Ventures will be releasing twelve wines based on the world created by George R. R. Martin. The line is called The Wines of Westeros and will be selling for about 20 bucks a bottle.

Let’s see, thats $20 x 12 so the entire set will set you back about $240, which isn’t a bad deal all in all for something that might make you feel like the Mother of Dragons or perhaps even Olenna Tyrell for a night. I can already see the many lovely costume parties and intoxicated speeches these bottles will spurn.

If I had this set, I would honestly just display them in all their glory on my living room shelf for all to admire (and be jealous of). Alas, it’s highly doubtful that these babies would get to the Philippines. Local Game of Thrones nerds (like me) will have to settle on knowing that these exist in the real world. It’s a happy thought.

I understand they were going for the minimalist look, but I feel it’s a little too plain. It would have been cooler if they had used the house’s sigils as labels. I guess they sort of did but it’s just a smidgen too minimalist for me. Here’s The Targaryen-

The Targaryen

I was expecting to see a fire breathing dragon as the logo. Or three of them! The actual logo seems to be a boring old flame, which does the job describing them too I guess.

The Targaryen – SHIRAZ (2014)

Follow the Mother of Dragons into the flames and you’ll be freed from your chains. Best served with the raw heart of a stallion, finish this bottle before your dragons turn on you.

Here’s The Stark-

The Stark


The tagline had me in stitches.

The Stark – SAUVIGNON BLANC (2014)

Winter is coming. Throw on your furs, summon your direwolf and reject all wedding invitations.

If you want to reserve your bottles, you can now actually already pre-order the wines on the website via this link.

Images and data from The Wines of Westeros website, check out all the other variants there too.