Tito Chef: A Long Overdue Review

This is now the norm for BaconTunaMelt posts. I am so far behind on my noms posts, the queue rivals that of rush hour MRT lines. Unfortunately (or fortunately, I can’t quite decide which it is), my regular day job and other things get in the way of blogging as often as I’d like. Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), I get to handpick the food stuff that stand out the most. This is the case for Tito Chef, a Filipino-European inspired restaurant right along President’s Avenue in BF Paranaque.

A row of restaurants line this well known street but few get as full as Tito Chef is on any given Sunday. It gets so full that they have an extension parking lot to accommodate all the guests. I had the chance to see what the hype was about a few months ago with my family. As usual, the place was packed with families getting together for a typical Sunday lunch.

The Main Courses

Tito Chef's Grilled Swordfish Couscous (p475)
Tito Chef’s Grilled Swordfish Couscous (p475)

What I noticed (and loved) about every dish we tried at Tito Chef is that they make sure to have a variety of textures in one dish. They add in elements of different texures to keep things fresh and help break the monotony of main course.

The Grilled Swordfish Couscous for example was a wonderful light seafood dish that had 1. a firm slab of swordfish, perfectly seasoned and grilled, 2. a slightly mushy serving of couscous which you cannot see in the picture because I take bad photos, 3. creamy cucumber bits on the side, 4. fresh arugula as topping, 5. a crunchy and ultra spicy chip, and 6. a refreshing beet sauce, I say refreshing because hardly anyone strays from gravy, cream, tomato, and pesto sauces in this part of town. Six delicious flavors with varying textures can be found all in one masterfully crafted Tito Chef dish.

Tito Chef's Tenderloin Steak & Mushroom Pie (p395)
Tito Chef’s Tenderloin Steak & Mushroom Pie (p395)

Tito Chef’s Tenderloin Steak & Mushroom Pie combines tender braised cubed steak with mushrooms and vegetables in gravy and warm creamy potatoes with a small green salad side. There are at least six different textures and flavors in this one as well. The simple Barbecued Pork Spareribs has at least four. Pork spareribs, coleslaw, cucumber raita, and rice pilaf. All wonderful, nicely portioned and well thought out.

Tito Chef's Barbecued Pork Spareribs (p365)
Tito Chef’s Barbecued Pork Spareribs (p365)

First and Last

To start the meal, we had the Tartufo Scented Mascarpone Dip. Toasted sliced baguettes and a few bite-sized vegetables are served together with a truffle enhanced dip of Mascarpone cheese and sour cream. This in itself deserves a dedicated post all to itself (I nixed that idea because that would probably take another two months). The dip is so wonderfully rich and creamy that I had the leftover (1 measly teaspoon) wrapped in a little container to take home. My only issue is that there’s too little bread to go around for a super small party of three, but then again, you can ask for a second round, so it’s all good in the hood.

Tartufo Scented Mascarpone Dip (p245); La Opera (p180); Strawberry Shortcake (p160)
Tartufo Scented Mascarpone Dip (p245); La Opera (p180); Strawberry Shortcake (p160)

We capped our meal with desserts for sharing- the house specialty La Opera, and the cute and girly Strawberry Shortcake. I’m not sure why I keep ordering Strawberry Shortcake when I still haven’t found one that astounds, this one included. The La Opera however was a delightful little light torte that masterfully combines the flavors of coffee and chocolate. Super yum!

Besides a sit down meal, Tito Chef also accepts orders for platter sized dishes for when you feel like hosting a small party at home or if you’re attending a pot luck party and have the culinary skills of a chicken. They also offer catering services for larger formal parties. Besides these, they also have private function rooms in the restaurant to give you and your lunch/dinner party some privacy. Also, they also hold cooking classes for one and all- young and old, noob and expert, homo and hetero. Cool beans, yes? Yes.

The good

  • Each dish is wonderfully put together, each one has variety of textures to keep every bite exciting.
  • Offers take out food platters for home parties.
  • Offers cooking classes for kids and adults!
  • Friendly and accommodating staff.

The bad

  • Appetizer servings are a little too small.
  • Not cheap, but then again, you have to pay premium for quality.
  • Dining area a teeny, tiny bit cramped.

The bacon

4 out of 5 bacons! Tito Chef is a delightful homey restaurant that’s a breath of fresh air from all the rest. They serve a wonderful mix of European style dishes that are masterfully crafted for the discerning palate. Not the cheapest, but you do have to pay for quality noms. Plus points for offering cooking classes, cookware, and private rooms.

Tito Chef

President’s Avenue, corner Adelfa Street

BF, Parañaque

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