The Beignets of Louisiana Doughnuts & Co. McKinley Hill

Oh em, it’s been a while since the last one again. I have so many posts drafted and none are even close to being finished! Okay, before I procrastinate, I feel the need to sneak in this quickie about Louisiana Doughnuts & Co at McKinley Hill. Saw this little open cafe some time ago sandwiched between two buildings and thought it was a really good way to utilize space that had little to no use previously. It looked promising too. There’s a coffeeshop in my ‘hood that isn’t one of the big three? I’m super in.

This is how doughnuts are done in Louisiana

If you didn’t know Louisiana is known for their doughnuts, don’t worry, neither did I until Lianne of BuhayKuneho schooled me on it. The way she talked about it, it looked like everyone’s been excited for this tiny doughnut shop slash coffee shop to launch. Whut? This kind of buzz for a tiny little in between cafe n McKinley Hill? Although I have personal attachment to this place, I wouldn’t think it to be a hip and happening place for restaurant launches. Apparently, this one had a following even before launch. I’m never up to snuff with news like this (no one say anything about getting old). Anyhoots, come one free afternoon, we met up and checked out what the hype was about.


Before dusk, we were all set. The sin of fried dough: check; good coffee: check; coffeeshop weather: check, cute barista: check. Okay, so we initially ordered a dozen of the famed fried doughnuts to share plus a couple of dips recommended by the nice staff and a round of coffee. A dozen should be enough to satiate doughnut cravings of three, ya? Nuh uh, nope. We ended up getting another dozen because these beignets (I assume this translates loosely to ‘crunchy bite-sized squares of yummy’) are extremely addictive! According to the handy notice on the wall, beignet is pronounced as ‘ben-yay’. This is probably because you’re bound to exclaim a hearty ‘Yay!’ upon first bite. 

Louisiana Doughnuts & Co. in McKinley Hill

Although the beignets by themselves are delicious, they’re a little plain. Dusted with powdered sugar, they’re crunchy and mildly sweet, and great with a cup of coffee. For a little pizzazz, dips are worth the little extra. I was told that they’re meant to be dipped in jams or anything sweet. I personally prefer the savory dips, the pimiento one in particular is a perfect partner imho. Recommended if you like less crowded coffeeshops and fresh doughnuts. DOUGHNUTS!

Louisiana Doughnuts & Co.

Beside Two World Square, Upper McKinley Rd
McKinley Hill, Taguig

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