Find Peace and Happiness (in Food)

If you thought this would be the vanilla Christmas post where I’d be preaching about the importance of those two words this season, you’d be wrong on one account. No, this is not a Christmas post but I WILL be preaching about the value of the words ‘peace’ and ‘happiness’ when they’re posted on a sign above a dinky little restaurant in Cityland Tower, along Buendia in Makati.

Not the posterboy of hygiene? Maybe, but YOLO!

Why, you ask? From the outside, Peace and Happiness Dumpling House looks not unlike your typical turo-turo with salty food, underpaid staff, and questionable sanitation guidelines. However questionable their sanitation may be (I’m kidding, of course), this place is a magical source of the most delicious xiaolongbao known to man.

Peace and Happiness XiaoLongBao (p128)

For the uninitiated, the xiaolongbao is a kind of dumpling that’s filled primarily with pork mixed with a gelatinous broth and wrapped like a little bun. This broth is what makes this “soup dumpling” different from all the other dumplings out there. It melts when steamed so that when you take a bite of the xiaolongbao, all the juices explode in your mouth giving you a hot, tasty, and soupy party in there. It’s like having soup and dumpling all at once, and somehow better.

All sorts of delicious.

Peace and Happiness XiaoLongBao can be had for a real steal- one hundred and twenty eight pesos for a basket of eight freshly steamed, large soupy dumplings. Although technically an appetizer, this can just as easily be a main meal for me. If I tried, I can probably finish an entire order by itself and call it a day. What I usually do though, is eat half an order with rice and share the rest (I’m Filipino, what can you do?). Did I also mention that the restaurant is open 24/7? Mega win!

Peace and Happiness Dumpling House

Unit G-8 Cityland Makati Executive Tower, Senator Gil Puyat Street, Makati City, 1230

(02) 218 3665


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