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Nesfruta Melon And the Team Kramer Magic

The Kramers are the country’s current media darlings. They have commercials and TV guestings left and right. Somehow, athough not a day goes by without me seeing at least one of them on social media, TV, print or even on the radio, the whole thing still comes off as cute. I have to admit I’m a fan. Doting (and gorgeous) young parents, precocious and fluffy babies, and an insider view of their personal lives? It’s the best kind of G-rated reality show.

Their latest commercial for Nesfruta Melon powdered drink with Doug and Kendra is just topnotch. Doug won’t be selling concert tickets anytime soon but seeing him singing as best he can looking adoringly at his baby daughter is super endearing. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the link to cuteness-

The old dalandan commercial was almost a pop sensation, I’m sure this one won’t be any different.

And just like that I’m sold! The next time I went to do groceries, I made it a point to find the powdered juices to find out what the Kramers are singing about. I bought some packets to try and was actually excited to try it as soon as I got home. I’m not the hugest fan of powdered juices but I liked it! Nesfruta Melon actually tastes “real na real”, like Kendra says it is! Or maybe marketing really just worked its wonders on me.

In any case, Nesfruta Melon is an excellent thirst quencher for this (painfully hot) summer. Melon na!

Marketing works wonders!


Instagram: Looks gross but is actually pretty good. Gino’s Nutella Soup! #pizza #bacontunamelt #nutella

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