Why I Haven’t Been

“I’ve been busy.” and “Life gets in the way of blogging/writing.” have become my default excuses for not paying attention to BaconTunaMelt enough. While there are other things to do, I simply got tired of writing things I eat in detail. Let’s face it, everyone and their mothers take pictures of food and post it on various social media platforms. What else do I have to offer? Besides, Microblogs with pictures are way easier to maintain.

It got to the point where I’d take pictures of noms whenever I eat out and hope against hope that I can somehow get started on my queue of posts longer than Santa’s Naughty list. (I’m still dramatic, there’s that.) But existential crisis aside, this post (and this pizza glugging sloth and cat combo) will hopefully get the ball rolling. Yay?



Instagram: The House Special aka a creation from whatever is available/left in the pantry. In my case, it turned out to be Tinapa Pasta. #bonappetit #bacontunamelt

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