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Right now, I really should be in a gym pretentiously working off some calories because I’m on a “diet” but I have a couple of excuses tonight*. Instead, I choose to write about food, oh the irony. I say “diet” because I’m not exactly on a strict regimen, but I am actively trying to lose weight. “Slowly but surely.” is my current motto (or the default motto of the lazy) mostly because it has been known that crash diets do not end well.

The general rule for weight loss is 70% food, 30% exercise, so ensuring that my food intake is controlled was top priority (also, I hate exercise). To jumpstart my weightloss, I decided to enlist the help of diet food programs. Thankfully, there are many choices available for chubbies like me.

The Good Box

The Good Box | Php2,750/1200cal

The first one I tried is The Good Box. For Php2,750, you get 3 meals + 2 snacks a day totaling 1200 calories per day for five days from Mondays through Fridays. What I liked about The Good Box is that they include healthy flavored drinks with your meals. The drawback however is that because flavored drinks have calories too, they take out those calories from the main meals, making meals less than what you’d expect (or at least what my stomach expected).

I won’t deny it, the first week on a controlled 1200 calorie diet was terrible. It’s not that the food was bad, but I was just really used to eating much more. I scarfed everything down to the last grain of rice everyday like the glutton that I am, that’s just how hungry I was.

Delicious Diet

Delicious Diet | Php1,800/1200cal

Since I was hungry most of the time the first week, I decided to test the waters and try other delivery food companies. Delicious Diet caught my eye because it was cheaper for the same amount of calories. Their 1200 calorie plan costs Php1,800 per week. You get 3 meals + 1 snack a day from Mondays through Fridays. What I really liked about Delicious Diet are the premium drinks that came with the plan, you’d usually get a rich tasting coffee or a uniquely flavored tea. What I didn’t like was that the food was mostly tasteless and uninteresting ground meat and a bunch of brown rice (rice carbs are the devil).

Incidentally, they also have a specialized sister company called Diabetic Diet which targets diabetics or those who just want to cut down on their sugar intake. Meals are Php2,500 for 1200 calories but they are worth every extra centavo (I won’t cover them in this post because  we’re focusing on the generic 1200 calorie meal plans for now).

Lunchbox Diet

Lunchbox Diet | Php1,700/1200cal

One of the biggest and most organized diet food delivery companies these days is Lunchbox Diet. They offer their 1200 calorie plans at only Php 1,700 per week including delivery fee. My thought bubble then went: “They’re cheaper than all the others I’ve tried, the food must be gross.” But a friend of mine recommended it so I gave it a go despite my misgivings. I’m glad I did too, because the food was not only tasty, they were also proportioned nicely. By that, I mean I don’t get 1 cup of rice for a tablespoon of meat. Instead, I got half a cup of rice with a decent amount of meat dish. Plus, I regularly got fruits as a snack. 

The only con is that sometimes, not all the time but it happened a few times, their meals would smell funky as soon as they were delivered.

They can also swap the default red rice to white (and other various requests like “no raisins” or “no nuts”) for an additional Php50 per day for extra handling.

Yummy Diet

Yummy Diet | Php1900/1200cal

Next, I tried Yummy Diet. 1200 calorie plans cost P1,900 per week, Mondays through Fridays. Three meals, 2 snacks, you know the drill. What I love about Yummy Diet is that 1. There’s a surprise weekly freebie (who doesn’t love surprises?), 2. They have the most fresh veggies out of all I’ve tried at this price range, 3. They give you a pair of metal spoon and fork for the week (yay, environment!), 4. They give you a week’s worth of coffee, tea, and Stevia, 5. They have promos for longer reservations (I got a 5% discount when I ordered for 2 weeks). Their food is pretty tasty and you get a good variety every week.

One of my favorites would be the famous Yummy Diet’s Ham Breakfast Cups. It’s eggs baked inside ham used as cupcake liner. No grains, no extenders, no carbs.

Yummy Diet’s Ham Breakfast Cups
Another favorite of mine is  Yummy Diet’s Healthy Beef Stew. The rice came separately but I’m a child and I choose to mix in my rice with my meat and veggies (It’s better that way, try it!). The meat is so tender it melts in your mouth and although the dish looks tiny, the whole meal is very filling. Thats a good summary for Yummy Diet food- you get a well-portioned meal but you don’t really feel like you’ve been deprived of all that is good in life.

Needless to say, I’m pretty happy with Yummy Diet meals and have not jumped ship since starting. That’s just how good the noms are. I’m also losing some weight, huzzah!

Yummy Diet’s Healthy Beef Stew
Excuses for not working out tonight:
1. I have a headache.
2. I just came back from the hospital.
3. I’m lazy (What’s new?).


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