Mad Scramble for Pinoy Skrambol
There’s a new dessert fad in town and I’ve just hopped on to the already-crowded pink bandwagon. Everyone is just going crazy for the classic Pinoy cooler- the skrambol. (Is this the end of froyo?) Some people spell it as ‘scramble’ but I choose to spell it the way I do because this refreshing sweet  dessert is uniquely Pinoy and it deserves a (relatively) Pinoy name.
Couldn’t take a picture without anyone in line
What was once street food has now gone mainstream, with many new franchises littering your favorite malls. One of the more popular franchises is BuzBox Scrambles. They have a stall at the busy food court of SM Megamall and the customers just keep on coming. We were there last Sunday around eight in the evening when the crowd was thin but we still had to wait a good few minutes in line before we got to order.

Small cup topped with marshmallows and rice crispies (10+3+3=p16)

I’ve been eating skrambol off the streets since I was a kid but up until this day, I still don’t know what the pink goop is made of exactly. All I know is that the street cooler I’m used to is delicious- it’s pink, sweet, cool, and frothy topped with a sprinkle of powdered milk and a drizzle of chocolate syrup. The mall stalls sell nearly the exact same thing but they added more topping choices such as rice crispies and mini-marshmallows.

Big cup topped with a triple serving of rice crispies (17+3+3+3=p26)

I love marshmallows and rice crispies mixed in together with the pink base and powdered milk. I also love that it’s cheap enough to be affordable on a daily basis. The best part is that it’s now available in malls. Yes, I’m a fan, can’t you tell yet? The appeal of this newest food fad to many is that it’s cheap (about a tenth of the price of froyo), uniquely delicious and highly addicting. Pinoy skrambol is made of WIN!

Does anybody know what the pink base is made of?


Isdaan Offers an Enjoyable Dining Experience
Sometime last month, my family and I found ourselves spending a Saturday morning somewhere up North. We were done with business come lunchtime but our grumbling stomachs told us to find a pitstop before heading back to Manila. This was when I forced convinced them to find that restaurant I’ve been hearing good things about- the one with the Tacsiyapo Wall.

Being pseudo-Kapampangan (my grandparents hail from the lovely city of San Fernando), I’ve always known ‘tacsiyapo’ to be a kapampangan term. In fact, I distinctly remember a video recording of my 1st birthday with my lola yelling “Mga tacsiyapo kayo!” to my young uncles when she found out they were filming her, eagerly cheering her granddaughter on with her hair disheveled and wearing one of her famous dasters. (To me, the video is gold.) 
Isdaan, Tarlac
Going back to the topic, I was telling my family to look out for a restaurant sign bearing the name Tacsiyapo, because that was what I thought it was called. Apparently, I was mistaken and the restaurant we were looking for is actually called Isdaan Floating Restaurant, thanks to one of my titos who had already been there. It’s hard to miss as it’s located right along the National Road of Gerona, Tarlac.

The sights-

It was noon when we got there and it was mighty hot. The heat was too intense that we rushed to our floating kubo to get under the shade. The walkways between the floating kubos were made of bamboo poles strewn together with some portions covered in rubber and some not. If you have small feet, the combination of the uneven bamboo poles and the swaying floor (it’s floating on water) makes it a bit of a challenge to walk around.

Part of the decor at isdaan are these statues

One of the first things you’d notice as you enter the premises is the colorful displays- including statues of security guards reading the paper or sleeping on the job (there was even one depicted peeing, with a hint of a penis peeking out- not kidding). Walking further inside, you’ll see more colorful displays of past presidents, Marvel characters, more security guards, giant stone fish, twelve foot monkeys and even bigger dinosaurs. 

Fifteen feet tall Iron Man, lifesized Ninoy Aquino and Erap statues
Activities at Isdaan
Isdaan also has many activities all over the restaurant, the most famous one being the Tacsiyapo Wall where you get to release all of your pent up anger by yelling “TACSIYAPO!” and hurling various breakable objects to the wall. Watch my tita get mad at a plate-

They also have contests- San Kilo Bridge, Unggoy Unggoyan and Isdaan Idol Challenge where you can win a kilo of fish cooked any which way you want. The kids can also get fish pellets to feed the many exuberant fish around the area or ride a mini-kalesa with a ram pulling on the wagon, instead of horses.
Isdaan is a huge place
And finally,
The nomz-

An interesting thing to note about Isdaan is that their cooking areas are in plain sight, with the stoves and grillers smoking along the walkways, enticing you with smells of their freshly cooked food. The ingredients are prepared in their main kitchen, but the actual cooking is done outside, with the poor cooks having to fry and grill under extreme heat. The cooking area had no shade, and the smoke coming from the cooking food can’t be all that pleasant.

Extreme cooking
One of their specialties is the Lechon Tinupig. All the while, I thought tinupig was rice cake and was very surprised to see it being chicken on a stick. The cook told us that they first simmer the chicken in gata to let the meat absorb the flavor and then they grill it over hot coals until cooked. The chicken  ended up having a light gata flavor and was juicy and very tasty. I liked it very much.
Lechon Tinupig (p385 – 1 whole chicken)
Here’s the rest of what we ordered:
Inihaw na Liempo (p523 – 1 kilo)
Barrio Fiesta Pinakbet (p263)
Tacsiyapong Malaga (p225)
Special Pancit Isdaan (p187)
The nomz at Isdaan was, for the most part, your typical fare but what you go all the way to Tarlac for is the entire experience- the many displays, the unique activities, and the sights make the long trip worth your while.

Isdaan Floating Restaurant
Address: National Road, Gerona Tarlac
Contact Number: (045) 931-2196


Christmas in October at Cinnabon
Hello guys and gals! The past weekend was pretty hectic for me, with no time to sit back, relax, and watch the world zoom by. I’m glad that’s over and done with, today is the start of another exciting workweek (yay?). Anyway, I checked the calendar today and saw that Christmas is only 74 days away. That’s too soon! I have much love for the coming holidays but I can’t say I’m excited for the hustle and bustle that usually comes with it. I’m getting a headache just thinking about the packed stores and the insanely long queues.

Before you think that I’m such a Scrooge (I’m not, I promise I’m not!), let me say that while I am dreading the Christmas rush, I am looking forward to all the glorious Christmas nomz! When it gets frantic, if there’s one thing that can make me stop grumbling, it’s Christmas nomz. One of the smells that I associate with Santa season is the smell of cinnamon. Along with chestnuts, fruitcake, turkey, and leche flan, the smell of cinnamon always cheers me up and takes me to happyland.
Cinnabon Classic (p90)

This is why I am grateful for Cinnabon and their cinnamon rolls. Give me one Cinnabon Classic and I’ll be happy for the rest of the week. Cinnabon rolls are made of freshly rolled dough generously lathered with flavoring and toppings and then baked to perfection. It’s soft, chewy, and delightfully tasty. Almost perfect.

Classic Cinnabon nutrition facts from LiveStrong

It’s biggest (and imo, only) drawback is its unhealthiness. It’s tasty for a reason. One Classic Cinnabon roll has a whopping 813 calories. That’s equivalent to two Double Cheeseburgers from McDonald’s! The roll has a total of 32g of fat (49% of the recommended daily value), 67mg of cholesterol (22% of recommended daily value), and 801mg of sodium (33% of the recommended daily value). Without a doubt, the numbers for the bad stuff are a bit too high for a small snack. It’s definitely not something for everyday nomming, it’s a treat and it’s delicious- we’ll leave it at that.

To make up for the stress of Christmas, most people forego their year-long diets and just worry about it the year after. When things get unmanageable, sit back, relax, treat yourself to Cinnabon cinnamon rolls and have a taste of Christmas any time of the year.


Yogurt Nation Made Me Like Ube
The cohort and I were in the mood for something sweet after our filling dinner last night. After a few minutes of discussion (dessert is srz bznz), it was decided that we would get some frozen yogurt for dessert. 
A very bright yogurt shop caught our eye while strolling along Serendra. The chalk white interior of Lulubelle was a stark contrast to the other restaurants, all with yellow and mellow lighting. The menu and prices weren’t bad, but what put me off was the ordering method- it wasn’t self-service. I’ve gotten used to (and have grown fond of) choosing my own toppings and deciding how much and how many different kinds I want to put in. It was a no go.
Yogurt Nation’s really large cups
I’ve been hearing good buzz about a new frozen yogurt shop near The Fort recently. Because we were around that area anyway, we decided to look for that instead. The new shop is called Yogurt Nation, located at the ground floor of Sapphire Residences at Bonifacio Global City. It took us (more than) a few wrong turns before finally getting there. The store is a bit out of the way and it isn’t easy to find if you’re not familiar with the area.
Yogurt Nation Challenge
The first thing you’ll see upon entering is the Yogurt Nation Challenge poster. Finish 25 ounces of frozen yogurt under 3 minutes and you’ll get it for free. Otherwise, you’ll have to cough up five hundred bucks. I personally think that 25 ounces is a whole lotta yogurt (my cup weighed just 7 ounces, with toppings). If you’re willing to get brain freeze and try this, give me a call and I can film it and write about you.
The yogurt dispenser and counters at Yogurt Nation
From there, you get a cup, put in your chosen frozen yogurt flavor/s and then add in as many toppings as you want. Yogurt Nation has a good selection of flavors that includes cranberry, strawberry, ube, melon, and the original unflavored one. I tried a mix of the strawberry and melon flavors and topped it with a generous dash of almond chips. The strawberry yogurt tasted okay but the melon one was horrible (it tasted like medicine).
See what I mean by “generous”? (p23/ounce)
On the other hand, the date got a cup of all ube frozen yogurt mixed with an extra generous serving of rice crispies and almond chips. It was DELICIOUS! Let me just say that I don’t like ube cake or even ube ice cream and I actually try to stay away from anything ube flavored. That’s until I tried the ube flavored frozen yogurt from Yogurt Nation. It was just too good that we got another cup of it right after finishing our first orders.
It looks gross but it’s really, really, really, REALLY good!

Yogurt Nation has made me a convert, ube is now my favorite flavor of frozen yogurt! b(~_~)d

Yogurt Nation and The Lounge
Address: Unit 1D and 2D, The Sapphire Residences, 31st cor. 2nd Avenue Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines
Contact Number: (0922) 867-6969 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (0922) 867-6969      end_of_the_skype_highlighting


Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs – SUPERIOR!
A bit of Googling (yes, it’s now an official word) led me to Beard Papa’s Wikipedia page where I found out that my favorite cream puff store is actually a franchise from Japan (woot!). Admittedly, I wasn’t expecting that. Yes, Japan is known for many things- technology, anime, pixelated body parts, and virtual girlfriends among others; but if there’s one thing they’re not famous for, it’s desserts.
Japan, superior (again)!
I was lucky enough to have worked with a lovely Japanese national for a good two years (Herro Ms. Chiaki!) and within that period, I have learned many a thing about the Japanese food culture. One thing I learned is that although they make for fantastic cooks (we always got to try Japanese-style home-cooked dishes), the Japanese don’t really like strong flavors- sweets included. And this is the reason why I’m surprised that Beard  Papa’s sweet cream puffs are from Japan.

Beard Papa’s fantastic cream puff in all it’s glory (p55)

Beard Papa’s signature pastry is a yummy pastry puff generously filled with the famous Beard Papa’s cream. Upon ordering, the pastry puff is injected with the cream and then sprinkled with powdered sugar. It comes enveloped in a nature-friendly paper wrapper if bought individually and is packed in a happy yellow box if you order six pieces or more.

Sink your teeth into that yummy treat

Every bite of the melt-in-your-mouth pastry is just glorious. The bread has a certain chewiness to it, but it  goes well with the sweet and gooey cream inside. As a whole, the cream puff isn’t too sweet but neither is it bland, and the bread gives the entire pastry some texture. For some reason, the combination of chewy and gooey fits together just perfectly. Sinking your teeth into the puff just hits the right spot every damn time. Japan, you’ve pwnd us again; your Beard Papa’s Cream Puffs – SUPERIOR!

The branches that I frequent most often are the ones at Glorietta Food Choices and SM Mall of Asia but they have many outlets scattered around different malls all over Metro Manila.


An Easy Dinner at Burgoo Podium
Another day, another dinner.

While the statement may seem bleak, dinners are actually meals I look forward to the most. They (my mom) keep(s) telling me that I should eat heavily at breakfast and lunch then eat light come dinnertime but that never happens with me. Somehow I always end up doing the opposite, barely eating in the morning and then gorging making up for it at night.

Conversation over crayons over beer
It’s unhealthy I know, but dinnertime is my relax-and-sit-back time. It may sound old-fashioned, but I like having long dinners over easy conversation. I’d rather be doing that than shouting to be heard in a dark club with neon lights flashing all around me. That’s why I like having Burgoo dinners at The Podium.
The ambiance at Burgoo is always welcoming, most specially at night. The floor to ceiling glass  panels give you a view of the night sky, the lights inside are low and reaassuring, and the indoor music is friendly. The restaurant is relatively quiet more often than not, save for bursts of laughter from the group at the next table. The entire place gives you a feeling of familiarity- quiet but not suffocating, mellow but not sleepy.

Your server welcomes you by asking for your name and writing down his name with crayon on the plain white paper covering the table. He then waits for you to decide on what to order, giving you as much time as you need. While waiting for your orders, you can, and are invited to practice your artistic prowess using the cup of assorted crayons on the table. (Summady drew a pen0r on teh tablexxorz! ><)

What we ordered for the night-

Oklahoma Baby Back Ribs (p575)

This slab of succulent baby back ribs seasoned with special barbecue sauce hits the right spot. The meat was tender, the seasoning not too strong nor too light, and the side dishes complemented the ribs perfectly. Enough for two, Oklahoma Baby Back Ribs is a good dish for sharing.

Seafood Jambalaya (p525)

Seafood Jambalaya is a lovely mix of various seafood, peppers, and paella rice. Squid rings, shrimps, and mussels make up the meats of this tasty and happy dish. With a big serving, more than two can feast on this delightful seafood platter.

The night got even better because we got a Burgoo Buy One, Get One coupon and we only had to pay for the higher-priced dish. It was good meal of delicious nomz, easy conversation, lovely company, and a great deal. Looking forward to yet another day, another dinner.


Bacon Kevin Bacon

Guess who this bust is supposed to be (pretend the title wasn’t such a dead giveaway)

Someone told me you were tasty.
Nope, it’s not Conan O’ Brien. The very red bust is actually supposed to be a likeness of Kevin Bacon of Footloose fame or if you haven’t heard of the movie (doubt it), you’ve probably already tried or heard of Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon (no? click the link and get out of your basement, will ‘ya.). 
Anyway, an artist by the name of Mike Lahue was commissioned by J&D Foods, a company that sells anything and everything bacon (including bacon-flavored lip balm), to create this slightly weird bust of a man who is most famous for having worked with nearly everyone in the entertainment industry.

Here’s another picture. Now can you guess what it’s made of (humor me and pretend you didn’t read the title)-

You look kind of flushed, mister
Why, it’s made of bacon of course! To be exact, the Bacon Kevin Bacon is made of actual bacon bits held together by coats and coats of lacquer (and I was thinking it would be actually edible). Weird though it may be, they have the best intentions at heart. The bust (which looks a bit more like Conan O’ Brien than Kevin Bacon to me) is being auctioned off at a cool starting price of a US$280 and all proceeds will go to Ashley’s Team, a non profit organization that helps children with cancer.

I got the details from Gizmodo.


My Mini Banchetto Date
No, my date wasn’t little (or underage). This post is entitled as such because it will be all about that one Friday night spent nomming the grub at the very famous Banchetto Street Food Fiesta
Because I had to be home earlier than usual that particular night to take care of my recently adopted, super cute, ten-week old puppy that has yet to be housebroken, I thought that a Banchetto trip would be out of the question (because it starts at midnight). Then I came across their website where it says that they have an extension branch that opens shop much earlier at nine o’ clock and is situated closer to the Makati CBD (favorable if you’re from the South like me) along Pioneer Street in Mandaluyong City. So off we went.
Banchetto, the now famous Ortigas street food market

For the uninitiated, Banchetto is a street food market that has gained popularity with the Friday night (mostly) yuppie crowd of Ortigas for having a wide variety of food choices, for being open until the wee hours of the morning and having a crowd that doesn’t thin out until the next day. From grilled kebabs, to orgasmic turons, to homemade cheesecakes, to roast beef, and skewered betamax– Banchetto has got it all (they’re like the SM of nomz).
The mini Banchetto, located at Pioneer Street (next to Robinson’s Cybergate), is a tad smaller than the one along Emerald Avenue. They only have about fifteen food stalls as opposed to the more than forty of the main branch. While it is true that the food selection is limited, their edge is that they start three hours earlier and they have a more spacious area, with tents conveniently propped up over the dining space (the main one also has tables and chairs but have no tents).
Mini Banchetto at Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City
We arrived just as the mini Banchetto opened for the night and not all the food stalls had set up their wares yet. One of the first few to open was the ihawan with no name (their stall was the second one from the entrance) that serves all kinds of silogs at a very reasonable price range of sixty to one hundred pesos. From them we ordered the liemposilog– grilled liempo, fried egg and a generous serving of fried rice.
Liemposilog (p65) from the ihawan with no name

The dish was your typical fare, but tasted extra fantastic to me because it was served hot off the grill for only sixty five pesos at nine o’ clock in the evening (and I was extremely hungry). That’s a great deal no matter how I look at it. A few steps next to the ihawan (third from the entrance) is the stall that sells meat on sticks. Their stall, which is also nameless, serves barbecues and hotdogs, and the more interesting skewered laman loob (isaw, tenga, balat ng manok, betamax). As appetizers, we got a stick of isaw (chicken intestines), a stick of tenga (pig ears), and a stick of betamax (coagulated chicken blood).

Isaw (p20/stick), betamax (p10), tenga (p20/stick) from the third stall
I didn’t have the heart (or the stomach) to try any of the three sticks, but dinner-buddy-slash-trophy-boyfriend says it was good although a bit expensive. The next stall where we got another meal from is the also nameless mixed rice stall. Here they serve steaming rice mixed with your choice of either chicken, beef, pork, or mixed seafood. We got one order of their special Mixed Seafood Rice With Aligue.
Mixed Seafood Rice With Aligue (p65)
This is quite possibly one of the unhealthiest meals that anyone can eat because of the ample amount of butter and the heaping spoonfuls of aligue mixed in. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed every spoonful of the very tasty and slightly spicy meal. At only sixty five pesos, I think it’s another dish more than worth the price. Our total bill for the night (including drinks) amounted to only p240 pesos for two people. 
Honestly, I enjoyed mini Banchetto a little better than the main Banchetto. The crowd there was less frantic and there was no jostling (you’d need a bit of an upper body strength when wading through the crowds at the  Emerald branch). And although the tables filled in quickly, the turnover was tolerable (at the main one, you’re lucky if you get a table) and parking was free too. At mini Banchetto, you get a limited but still a pretty good selection of nomz at an affordable price without having to elbow your way through a  thick and perky crowd. (The only drawback is that they don’t have an Oh Wow! Turon stall. Sadface.)
Banchetto Overnight Street Food Fiesta
Operating hours and address: 
  • Emerald (main)- Saturdays, 12 midnight to 11am; On the street, F. Ortigas Jr. Avenue (formerly Emerald Avenue), Ortigas
  • Forum (mini)- Tuesdays-Fridays, 9pm to 6am; Parking lot, Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong (next to Robinsons Cybergate)

Party at Home With Contis!
My mom celebrated her 54th last weekend (she’ll probably kill me if she knew I posted her age) with a small get-together at home with family and friends. What was supposed to be a birthday lunch at some restaurant in the city became an all-day impromptu party at our house. And because it was unplanned and we needed nomz for at least a dozen or so people on such short notice, we had to enlist the help of our trusty takeout resto- Conti’s, forever to the rescue.
Mama’s birthday spread

Conti’s has always been a lifesaver in my household whenever there’s no one to cook and there’d be guests in the house. You only need to call a day in advance and their ever reliable crew will have your orders ready when you want it. They deliver to your house if your total bill amounts to three thousand pesos or more and they also lend food warmers for a holdout of three hundred pesos per container (your deposit will be given back in full as soon as you return them).

Because we have our own food warmers (my mom’s a girlscout), we brought them to the restaurant and requested that the food be placed on our containers and delivered to our house the day after. The staff obligingly humored this request, that’s how accommodating the people of Conti’s are. Their food, of course, is fantastic. My family wouldn’t keep going back otherwise.

Fresh Lumpiang Ubod (p300, 12 pcs)

One of our favorites is the Fresh Lumpiang Ubod. Fresh ubod wrapped in soft lumpia wrapper and topped with sweet sauce, chopped fresh garlic and nuts. Healthy and yummy, this is one of the few vegetable dishes I truly enjoy.

Paella Madrilena (p435, good for 8)

Another dish served that day is the Paella Madrilena. Paella rice mixed with a variety of seafood, this dish is tasty and filling on its own. A treat for seafood lovers.

Boneless Chicken Barbecue (p470 – good for 8)

One of my personal favorites, the Boneless Chicken Barbecue is tender chicken fillet strips seasoned with mildly sweet barbecue sauce. It’s simple to eat and it goes perfectly with steaming white rice.

Herb-crusted Fillet of Fish (p595 – good for 8)

This one’s for those who like eating light. The steamed meat is easy on the tummy and is sprinkled with basil, corn, carrots, and olive oil.

Garlic Sotanghon (p345 – good for 12)

No Pinoy birthday party would be complete without noodles (for long life!). With a generous amount of chicken strips and a healthy dose of pepper for spice on glass sotanghon noodles, Garlic Sotanghon is another family favorite.

Lengua Estofado (p675 – good for 8)

Lengua Estofado is stewed ox tongue swimming in creamy mushroom gravy. Everyone said it was good but I’m not particularly fond of the gooey texture of tongue sliding down my throat.

Tito Eric’s Schezuan Skinless Shrimp

This isn’t from Conti’s but it was such a bestseller (with me and teh boytoy) that day. My mom’s brother, Tito Eric, made these skinless schezuan-flavored shrimp for the occasion. The name says it all, the shrimp was skinless (with only the head and the tail left to remove) making it extra easy to enjoy the shrimp which was immersed in tasty and spicy schezuan sauce. All shrimp dishes should be skinless, this was delicious!

Choco Walnut Torte (p550)

What would a birthday party be without cake? Of course, the birthday girl had to blow a cake. Mama’s main cake was also from Conti’s- the Choco Walnut Torte. A refrigerator cake with a wafery base similar to that of Conti’s famous Mango Bravo but instead topped with creamy white icing and showered with a dash of walnuts as topping. It’s an unusual (but yummy!) cake that was more than enough to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

All the nomz lasted for the duration of party which started at lunchtime and went on until way past dinner. Conti’s is the easiest way to party at home without having to worry about the hassle of cooking for a large group. Conti’s Pastry Shop & Restaurant (the one closest to our house) is conveniently located along President’s Avenue in BF Homes, Paranaque. They also have branches at Greenbelt 2, Serendra, Trinoma, Greenhills, and also at Solenad, Nuvali.

Conti’s Pastry Shop & Restaurant
Address: 61 President’s Ave., BF Homes Parañaque, Philippines
Contact Number: (02) 807-3388; (0922) 847-3003

The Amazing National Food Showdown 2010
The National Food Showdown 2010 with the theme  “A Quest for Culinary Excellence” took place last September 10 and 11 at the A. Venue Events Hall in Makati. Representatives from different top hotels, restaurants, and culinary schools came to showcase their awesome talents and compete against each other in different categories.
The National Food Showdown 2010
We passed by on the second day of the competition and were properly amazed at all the gorgeous and edible displays. Here are some of the lovely displays:

Rows and rows of towering cakes greeted us as soon as we entered. Towering and unusual wedding cakes-

Chocolate overload! Cakes decorated and topped with mouth-watering layers of white, regular, or dark chocolate-

These cakes are entries by students of different culinary schools. Look, it’s a PvZ cake! Also, Nemo and Burger & Fries cakes. Cute!-

One side of the events area was filled with tables of scrumptious hors d’ oeuvres with such elegant presentations. Yum!-

Another area was solely for sugar towers, where the displays were made of hardened sugar molded into different creative scenes. The Casino Royale display won a bronze ribbon and was made by a friend and his crew (Good job!). Look, they also made a Twilight sugar tower complete with models of the characters, lulz-

The last area that we visited was dedicated for professional bread displays. The breads had such intricate details on them and one has to wonder how they were able to do it. Here are some of the amazing bread towers on display that day-
After witnessing the National Food Showdown 2010, I am amazed at the huge amount of talent showcased by many Filipinos in the line of culinary art. The Events Hall of A. Venue was filled with fantastic display after fantastic display of edible art. Congratulations to all the winners, your works were fabulous!