Tagaytay Getaway (2 of 3): An Indian Dinner at Andanita Taj
Part two of the three-part Tagaytay series is all about Andanita Taj of Tagaytay:
After visiting the animals at the Residence Inn Zoo and the yummy lunch at Residence Inn’s Gazebo, we headed to the hotel to check in and get ourselves settled. We were pre-booked for an overnight stay at Andanita Taj of Tagaytay.
Andanita Taj is an Indian-Mediterranean Bed & Breakfast boasting of a gorgeous view of the lake. Taj is located along Aguinaldo Highway in Tagaytay, just a few hundred meters after Residence Inn. The facade is different from expected, either the place looked weatherbeaten or the gloomy weather made it appear so.
The view from the viewing deck of Andanita Taj
Taj’s accomodating staff ushered us in, scheduled us for the free massage that came with the room and guided us down through a Mediterranean themed stairway leading to the rooms. The rooms smelled strongly of mold and mildew, we were sneezing shortly after we entered. A couple hours later, spent lounging and getting used to the smell, it was time for more relaxation as we were called to transfer to the spa area to get our treatments done. I had opted to get a free body scrub and it was oh-so-relaxing, the sound of the rain pitter-pattering on the windows made it even more calming.
Interior of Andanita Taj
The spa treatments left us feeling lazy so we just popped in a DVD (Grown Ups– it was trash, btw), leaned back, and whiled away the time. The rains hadn’t stopped by dinnertime and the weather was perfect for staying in. So instead of heading out, we decided to head upstairs, use the free WIFI while having an easy dinner at Taj’s 24-hour restaurant.

We ordered two kinds of Indian bread to munch on while updating ourselves with online life- buttered naan and the chapati with curry dip.
Naan (p140)
Taj’s Buttered naan is truly a must try. It is unleavened bread brushed with a light coat of butter and smothered with all kinds of awesome. The bread was fresh, chewy and warm; the butter gave it a creamy taste. Perfect to nibble on while checking e-mail or while tending to your farm in Farmville.


Chapati (p90) with curry dip (p100)
The Chapati is unleavened bread much like the naan, but is folded into half and has no additional flavor. That’s what the curry dip is for. The bread is warm and perfectly baked to a chewy crisp (contradicting I know, but that’s the description that comes to mind). To eat, you peel off a piece and dip it into the very tasty and spicy curry sauce. ‘Twas a pretty good combo. 

Mutton Biryani (p390)

We ordered the Mutton Biryani to serve as our main dish, at the recommendation of a friend. And it was a great choice- this dish is good for 2-3 hungry people, the mutton was tender, the rice mix was very tasty and was perfectly spicy. This is another must try!

Indian ice cream (p120)

For dessert, we tried the only one on the menu that was available- Indian ice cream. It’s frozen milk mixed in with bits of beans with a consistency not unlike popsicles. It’s an acquired taste, and my tastebuds have not grown fond of it. The picture on the menu is also a bit of a lead on, it looked quite larger than the actual size.

To cap the Indian-Meditteranean feel of the restaurant (and the whole place) with its sparkly curtains, curved arches and patterned seats, the hotel staff also wore Indian inspired uniforms. They also play Indian music for the guests unless you request them to change it (which we did). I would like to note the excellent service of the hotel staff, they were all very accomodating and good-natured, and had ready smiles.


When you’re in Andanita Taj, you feel serene- the tasty food, the low lights, jazz music and the non-stop rain painted a romantic and very relaxing setting. My only gripe is the allergy-inducing smell of the rooms. Other than that, Andanita Taj, including the spa and the restaurant, is a fantastic place to spend a cool Tagaytay night.

Hurry and book now while they’re on sale, their rainy days promo runs until September! Check out Andanita Taj’s website for more information.

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