Pink Mornings with Kelloggs Hello Kitty Loops
Who doesn’t know this cute kitty cat with the pink bow (or red) and a yellow button nose? I think all little girls (or at least those within my age range) went through a phase when a trip to a Sanrio store was the highlight of the week. I personally had a thing for Kerokeropi but for most girls, Hello Kitty was their Sanrio favorite.
I’ve always wondered why she didn’t have a mouth.

Girls (and guys who like pink), guess what I found while doing the groceries one fine Saturday afternoon? (or, you know, just scroll down to find out)

This happy bowl of pink cereal is from a box of Kellogg’s Limited Edition Hello Kitty Loops. These  breakfast crunchies taste like the regular Froot Loops, the only difference being that they’re pink (and oh so girly). A big box costs less than two hundred pesos and that should be enough to last you at least ten full bowls of the pink stuff.
Limited edition Kellogg’s Hello Kitty Loops (€2.95 or Php183.5)
They’re not exactly collector’s item, but if you’re a fan, you’re gonna love this! I’m not even a big fan but waking up and pouring pink Hello Kitty cereal cheers me up in the morning.