The Wicked Waffle: All Day Breakfast Cafe

The hug buddy came by one day and we had some time to grab a quick lunch at The Wicked Waffle, a tiny cafe at the ground floor of Stamford Residences before heading out of town. Although this cafe is no more than ten steps away from home, and they opened shop several months ago, I haven’t had the chance actually sit down and have an honest-to-goodness meal at The Wicked Waffle until then.

All-Day Breakfast!

I’m a breakfast food kinda gal. I can have them all day, every day, for life, forever, and ever. I exaggerate, but y’all get what I mean. The Wicked Waffle has a lot of affordable breakfast food in their menu, served in their cutely decorated dining space, and is within walking distance from home. That deserves a maximum of four thumbs up for me.

“All you need is love and coffee.” I wouldn’t mind waffles either.

Bim had the Hamonado Longganisa, classified under the Filipino Favorites category in their menu. For one hundred and sity bucks, you get a plate of a smoked garlic-flavored pork sausage, served with two eggs and unlimited garlic fried rice. Admittedly, the serving was a little small to fill up those bottomless pits guys with hefty appetites but I guess a second or third helping of rice will do.

Hamonado Longganisa (p160)

On the other hand, I had a Niner Bowl, specifically the Spicy Tuyo, which comes with a scrambled egg, on top of a bowl of rice, and a glass of iced tea. I’m a lover of rice bowl meals– they’re neat, easy, and efficient, it satisfies my inner obsessive compulsive. I also love cured animal things. And spicy things. And inexpensive things. The Spicy Tuyo won my heart for being all of that. So maybe I’m a little biased, we all are, I think this is an excellent quickie meal that’s well worth the price.

Spicy Tuyo (p109)

Besides breakfast food, they also double as a tea shop. They have those 1-litter jugs of milk tea available around. Haven’t tried those yet, maybe soon when I feel like bathing in milk tea. Go check them out, the Wicked Waffle All Day Breakfast Cafe can be found all over the city with branches in SM City Manila, Eastwood Cyber Mall, Katipunan, SM City Fairview, besides the one in McKinley Hill.

The Wicked Waffle: All Day Breakfast Cafe

McKinley Hill, Stamford Building, Upper Mckinley Rd, Taguig

02 219 1975

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Pink Mornings with Kelloggs Hello Kitty Loops
Who doesn’t know this cute kitty cat with the pink bow (or red) and a yellow button nose? I think all little girls (or at least those within my age range) went through a phase when a trip to a Sanrio store was the highlight of the week. I personally had a thing for Kerokeropi but for most girls, Hello Kitty was their Sanrio favorite.
I’ve always wondered why she didn’t have a mouth.

Girls (and guys who like pink), guess what I found while doing the groceries one fine Saturday afternoon? (or, you know, just scroll down to find out)

This happy bowl of pink cereal is from a box of Kellogg’s Limited Edition Hello Kitty Loops. These  breakfast crunchies taste like the regular Froot Loops, the only difference being that they’re pink (and oh so girly). A big box costs less than two hundred pesos and that should be enough to last you at least ten full bowls of the pink stuff.
Limited edition Kellogg’s Hello Kitty Loops (€2.95 or Php183.5)
They’re not exactly collector’s item, but if you’re a fan, you’re gonna love this! I’m not even a big fan but waking up and pouring pink Hello Kitty cereal cheers me up in the morning.

24 Hour Breakfast Noms at GoodAh!!!
Don’t you just hate it when you’ve spotted an order on the menu that you really like and it’s not available because it’s on the breakfast menu and is only available until 11am? This happens to me a lot. I’m not a morning person and if I have no set schedule or appointment, I usually just stay at home all morning and start my day after noon.
Good Ah! in B.F. Paranaque is open 24 hours!
I am very happy to report that there are restaurants like GoodAh!!! where you can get a hearty Pinoy breakfast at any time of the day for cheap. Luckily, I live near one of those. On Saturdays (when I’m usually knocked out until about midday), I can easily head over to the GoodAh!!! at BF order good old Tocilog any time I want.
Tocilog (p72)
This right here is comfort food at its finest. The sweet, slightly salty, and tender pork tocino strips served with a cupful of warm garlic fried rice and an egg fried sunny side up fills you up in all the right places. Having tocino reminds me of home, wherever I’m at.
Tokwa’t Baboy (p45)
Tokwa’t baboy has also creeped its way into my heart. I didn’t like this particular Pinoy side dish then (I liked the softer tofu better), but I now order it whenever available. Fried tokwa and pork cubes immersed in a soysauce-vinegar mix is a perfect side to any silog, imo.
Pares (p69)
If you’re Pinoy, you’d surely be familiar with the Pares, a popular local dish of cubed beef pieces smothered in a cupful of sweet and tasty sauce. At GoodAh!!!, it’s served as a rice topping and the sauce is thicker than those sold on the streets (street food version is still better).

It’s nearly the weekend! I can have a feast of breakfast nomz at GoodAh!!! anytime tomorrow. If you decide to drop by, don’t be surprised that this silog place has no airconditioning. There’s ample parking space up front and the ambiance is clean and bright (it makes me feel like it’s time for breakfast all day long). Have yourselves a fantastic weekend!

Good Ah!

Location: President’s Ave., Peopille Subd., B.F. Homes, Parañaque

Contact details: (02) 829-9009

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Big, and I mean BIG, Breakfast – Double Breakfast EggMc Big Mac
This, ladies and gentlemen, is what its creators call the Double Breakfast EggMc Big Mac. It looks sinful but damn, I seriously want a piece of that.

Will I live past forty if I eat this on a regular basis? Probably not

Guess what’s in it. No? I’ll tell you anyway. This baby has (from bottom up) an Egg McMuffin, Mac Sauce (don’t know what that is), Sausage Patty, Scrambled Eggs, Pancake, Hotcake Syrup (yes, you read it right), Hashbrown, Pancake, more Hotcake Syrup, Sausage Patty, Mac Sauce again, and lastly, another Egg McMuffin.


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