McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries, The Comeback

Like that summer fling you remember fondly, and perhaps a little regretfully, McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries are back! For a limited time, you can shake up your days with three exciting flavors- BBQ, Cheesy Butter, and Cheesy Tomato Pizza!

Shake Shake Fries
Get it now!

McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries are available a la carte for 65 bucks, as a perfect partner for the yummy Coke McFloat, or as a FREE upgrade when you order any medium or large value meal with fries. OH EM GEE! Hurry and get yours now while they’re still here!

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Nothing Beats McDonald’s World Famous French Fries

Throughout the years, no matter how many variations, flavors, or packaging others come up with, the crispy, golden fries of McDonald’s remain to be my favorite. Knowing that I can order from McDonald’s anywhere in the world and it would taste the same is comforting, it’s like having bit of home in one little package. It’s a happy snack I can indulge in anywhere and everywhere. The only problem is not to indulge in it way too often.

Like the fruit of the Tree of Life, McDonald’s French Fries tempts even the stingiest of souls. My willpower is tested whenever I get a whiff of those golden crispy fried potato strips (or everyday, fml). They’re too darn irresistible! It seems like this guy in this funny new McDonald’s commercial is a kindred spirit.
I’d be careful to keep my eyes on my own fries.

Since McDonald’s has a number branches open for 24 hours and a 24/7 delivery service, it would be easier just to get your own (safer too, haha). Go ahead and give in to the craving.

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You know you want it.

McDonalds Twister Fries vs KFC Fries
DISCLAIMER: Conclusions made in this post do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the people of BaconTunaMelt. Opinions and conclusions in this particular post are that of the dude in picture. Hoping for your kind consideration.
The recent resurrection of McDonald’s Twister Fries has stirred up some controversy among the fastfood eating community. Some expressed their excitement at the availability of the new-old fried potato curls from McDonald’s while others scoff and raise their eyebrows at McDonald’s re-offering. The naysayers say that Twister Fries is merely a gimmick and that they prefer the fries at KFC because it’s basically same and is available all year round while the fans say the Twister Fries is better because it’s crunchier and tastier.
We at BaconTunaMelt have decided to take matters into our own hands and do some testing of our own. Because the people of this blog are camera-shy, we have enlisted the help of one of our camwhore camera-friendly friends over at Comicology. Mr. Comicology himself has willingly volunteered for the role of taste-tester-slash-food-critic (although he might be slightly biased). He’s game because he gets free french fries and at the same time additional Internet fame.
For this little competition, we ordered one Mini Bucket of Fries from KFC (p55) and one order of Twister Fries from McDonald’s (p56) and here are the results:
Serving size
The bucket from KFC feels heavier and more compact; the twisted fries from McDonald’s use up unnecessary space and make the package noticeably lighter. Edge, KFC Fries.
While both fries seem to have used the same blend of seasonings and more or less taste the same, KFC Fries seem to be fuller in taste and the Twister Fries seem a tad bit too salty. Edge, KFC Fries.
KFC Fries is thick, straight, and slightly soggy while the Twister Fries is thinner, curly, and crunchier. The thickness of the KFC Fries makes it feel like it’s actual potato and the other one can be fried crispy anything. Edge, KFC Fries (the people of BaconTunaMelt disagree with this).
KFC’s Mini Bucket of Fries cost 55 pesos while McDonald’s Twister Fries is 56 pesos. We shall call this a tie.
McDonald’s use tomato ketchup, which works best for french fries. KFC’s watered down and sweetened version of it doesn’t go so well with the strong flavor of the fries. Edge, McDonald’s Twister Fries.
In summary, KFC Fries garnered a total of FOUR points while McDonald’s Twister Fries only had TWO points. The conclusion? KFC Fries has the edge over the much-hyped McDonald’s Twister Fries (but the rest of us in that group disagreed).