Guess what happens to peaches when left in the fridge for too long?
Remember from a few posts back when I rambled on (and on) about the tropical fruit basket I received for my birthday? Thing is, it was a huge fruit basket with more than a dozen fruits (including an entire pineapple) and there’s just one me.


Although I tried to consume as much as I could, a bunch of fruits were relegated to the furthest corner of the fridge. And that bunch included the peaches. Today, I was cleaning out the fridge when I saw this-
This needs a lolcaption. Halpz?
This, boys and girls, is what happens to peaches when left in the fridge for far too long. They attempt to grow an afro.
I actually had goosebumps when I took a closer look. It looked like it was about to bust a move at anytime. Seriously, what the heck is that? These four peaches were all in one container and left in the fridge all at the same time. And why did it grow on just one?

A Tropical Birthday in Lyon
If you’ve read my last couple of posts, you’d have read all about me (kinna) moaning about being homesick and all that dramz. Last May 14, I celebrated my birthday alone for the first time in my life. It wasn’t bad though, I spent the day doing chores and later on, Skype-ing with my family back home (they threw a party for me without me, hee).
This is me, pretending to blow out the pretend candles on my
(yummy Contis’ sansrival) birthday cake from 6,719 miles away
At around four in the afternoon on my time, someone rang the doorbell and I got a delivery! It was gift from a cute boy back home. I knew it was coming, because he told me to watch for it. When he told me he got me something, I immediately guessed it to be flowers, because it’s probably the easiest thing to have delivered to a different continent. Surprise, surprise, instead of flowers, I got a fruit basket!
The very picturesque fruit basket!
Too surprised to receive a very heavy tropical fruit basket, I took it from the delivery boy, closed the door, and forgot to tip him (whoops!). The fruit basket gave off a faint tropical scent (sorta reminding me of home) and the vivid colors of the tropical fruits brightened up my tiny little room (more than flowers would have had, I think)

In the basket, there was a huge pineapple, a very heavy melon, some apples, kiwis, and a handful of picture perfect strawberries. And although I’ve lived in a very tropical country for most of my life, there were some fruits in the tropical fruit basket that I hadn’t seen or tried before (shame on me!). Actually, even with the help of Google, it took me a while before I figured out what they were.

It came with a handwritten note that said- “For best enjoy!”
Persimmon Peach (thanks to JP Hays)  

The picture on the top left of the photo below is a persimmon peach, I think (correct me if I’m wrong) JP Hays says. If I had to name it based on looks alone, I’d call it a tomapple It’s about the size of a small tomato and shaped like an apple. It’s skin is thicker than tomato skin and is a kind of pink-yellow (does that make sense?).

To eat, you just bite into the soft skin like you would an apple. Oddly enough, the fruit lived up to its looks. It’s rougher than a tomato, but softer than an apple. It’s not as sweet as an apple, but also not as sour as a tomato. Like a hybrid!

Raspberry Blackberry (thanks to JP Hays)

That’s the one on the right of the persimmon peach. Yes, I know what a raspberry blackberry looks like but I honestly haven’t seen one or tasted one that’s not preserved before I got this. It kina looks like a tiny bunch of grapes but the taste is much stronger, the flavor is almost bitter with the purple globes bursting juice in your mouth.
From top-left clockwise: persimmon, raspberry, (giant) mango, and passion fruit


Below the raspberry is a mango. Nothing new, right? Nuh uh. If you go back the the main fruit basket photo, the mangoes are the two large pinkish-yellowish blobs flanking the strawberries. It was very weird to see mangoes of that color and shape, I didn’t even know it was a mango at first glance. It also didn’t taste quite as sweet or as juicy as the mangoes back home.


Ahh the passionfruit. Its looks are perplexing, with its dry outer shell a dull brownish color and wrinkled like a prune. It took me a couple of days of guessing (and Google-ing) before I even attempted to open it. And when I did, boy, was I surprised. Inside the sad looking cover was a bright yellow goopy mess. Its seeds, not unlike papaya seeds, are coated in phlegmy yellow passionfruit pus juice that smelled somewhere between a ripe mango and a langka.
To eat it, you simply spoon out some and put it in your mouth, seeds included. The flavor is most surprising. Seeing the sad and wrinkly exterior, you don’t really expect the fruit to be a jolting citrus party in your mouth. 


The rest of the fruits in the basket are your typical tropical fruits. Except they forgot to add in bananas (been hankering for good ones for the past week, to no avail). Getting a tropical fruit basket on my birthday was a really nice surprise. In a county not even remotely close to the tropics, it was a small bit of home.


Nomz of the Christmas Past
Hi guys! How was Christmas for everyone? It’s seems to have gone by like a blur this year, no? It seems like only yesterday when I bid my officemates a jaunty “See you next year!” with thoughts of a long vacation (and unlimited sleep) up ahead. Yesterday, it hit me that it’s only a few days until the new year. Sometimes, I feel like time is like sand in my hands, slipping between the cracks of my fingers.
I’m being melodramatic and this is no time for that! It’s Christmas for god’s sake! We still have a few more hurrahs (and a lot more merrymaking) before we say hello to the new year. This post-Christmas post will be about some of the nomz I’ve come across these past few days.
Rheinhessen 2009 Riesling Spätlese
Although bought in Singapore, this white wine that we had recently at a family friend’s home is distinctly German. This light and fruity sparkling drink has a low 10.0% alcohol content (still higher than beer, kids). Try not to drink a whole bottle at a Christmas party, you don’t want to be buzzed and making passes at your grandma. 
They say that white wine generally goes well with a meal of steamed fish or chicken but I find that I only enjoy the sparkling kind paired with small talk and/or cheese.
Watermelon basket!
This amazing watermelon basket was artfully carved by a family friend who works for a hotel restaurant. I don’t know about you, but the presentation makes the fresh fruit dessert more appetizing than if it had just been in a bowl. Behind the basket is another carved watermelon that served as decor for the fresh fruit dessert spread on Christmas day.
Warm chestnuts
Once I see chestnuts being sold by the kilo (at a very steep price of p250+/- per kilo) on the streets, I know the holiday season has begun. The aroma of roasted chestnuts triggers good memories of past Christmases, making me excited for the holidays ahead.
Bailey, Comicology‘s family dog, becomes an excited little puppy whenever there are chestnuts in the house. She loves the stuff. Perhaps it reminds her of happy Christmases too. :o)
Christmas halo-halo
One of the better ideas I’ve seen this year is halo-halo as a Christmas dessert. Sure, we can get halo-halo at any time of the year (Hello, Chowking!), but it’s still a special treat whenever and wherever. Besides, it’s easy to lay out jars of the different toppings for guests to serve themselves dessert. Plus, you can pick only the toppings you prefer, without having to waste the toppings you don’t like. I put mostly langka, nata de coco, and ube in my cup and I loved, loved, loved it. I’m doing this for our Christmas celebration next year (lechon too)!
Sorry if this post is all over the place! Can’t seem to organize my thoughts very well today, I’m still on a holiday high. Anyhoots, I’m going to go back to being a Christmas bum for now. Enjoy the rest of the holidays, everyone! 
Tell us about your holiday nomz, post a comment below!